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ive been thinking a lot about slings and things.

I have an uncle who is a Sky Sports cameraman at football matches and he runs up and down the touch line with his camera mounted on some kind of robotic arm counterbalance contraption which is obviously designed to relive the weight of the camera and add stability to the picture. On the Sundays when he is not using it do you think it would be permissible for me to loan it and adapt it to fit my very heavy FTP / Big Nikko combo which is very heavy for me in the standing position?

If not could i fit a slightly more traditional if somewhat slightly longer type sling to my rifle that i could hang around my kneck allowing the rifle to hang at say waist height whereupon i could fit a periscope adaption to my scope (like what you used to use when you were a kid to spy around corners, i think the Beano gave one away once). i know this sounds very "out there" but i dont struggle with standing still, infact im very good at it having had lots of practice in the classroom corner at school, but i do struggle with holding the weight of my rifle so this would really help me.

Before i send this to Mr Gillot to be proposed and the next BFTA meeting i would like the thoughts of my learned friends and Ratinator
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