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Default Challenge to Mr Jacobs

Peter, here is the scenario...

We find an inclined spot at the club with plenty of mud, tree roots and moss.

You need to sit down some 50ft from the firing position because you have just had a *** and didn't want to upset your fellow competitors.

Here you need to wriggle into the rubberised cuff over your thick and tacky jacket, or, if you like do it up on your bicep from undone. Remember that it is attached to your gun as you are not allowed to take it off the rifle.

Next you have to get up from the seating position, holding the gun, and picking up your bag, and at all times pointing the barrel downwards.

You have given yourself about 10 inches adjustment as that is what you need to hold steady in your kneeling position.

You have to negotiate yourself to the shooting line, over the roots on the muddy incline, holding your bag in one hand and your rifle in the other. The other being your weaker left hand. The rifle strap is short but you must hold the barrel down at all times.

Now you have to place your bag down and lower yourself onto the bag, with the rifle and SP sling all in position and take the shot.

Now you have to get up again. You cannot unclip the rifle and you are cuffed in. You cannot point the barrel up, it must be pointed down at all times.

You have to get yourself from the firing position to somewhere out of the way, say 30ft away, while carrying the rifle, in sling position, with the barrel pointing down at all times, and while carrying your bag. Your rifle is still in your weaker hand.

You now have to sit down again, unbuckle the cuff from your arm and store the sling and cuff on your rifle, while at all times holding the barrel down.

Have a go at that, and then perhaps Jackie might like to try it.

Then we can have an informed chat about safe use of the SP sling under the current rules.
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