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I'm " Skiries" now.

I've been " Squire " and " Skiries " so far on the thread.

It's " Skires ". Full name ... Pat Skires. It's an anagram.


Seriously fella. You are clearly on a mission with this sling thing. I applaud your passion. You've mentioned that you are fairly new to FT. I'm also fairly new, as in I'm giving it yet another proper go ( on and off ), as of late, but I've been going to FT clubs since the early 90's. I'm a long time lurker on the internet boards and have a great love and interest in FT, HFT and airguns in general. As such, until I'm told that only regular BFTA official shoot attendees can comment on these threads, I'll throw my tuppence in ( and then probably delete it again ).

You don't have to call me " Sir". I'm a commoner from the North and I love period dramas, of the Oliver Twist era, but we need not bother with those pleasantries. " Oi b0ll0x" will suffice!

Anytime now someone will spout up the most popular of all rules posts ...

" Who is going to police and enforce the sling rule at a shoot? ".

That usually concludes these issues.

Most folk are pretty tired to death of rules threads.

A number of reasons ...

Firstly ... this is simply an internet board. Only a fraction of BFTA shooters will use it and comment on it. It has no official status regarding the BFTA or rules etc. If you are a member of the BFTA then you follow protocol if you wish a rule to be changed. You contact your regional rep in writing with your proposal before a set date so that he/she can forward your proposal to the BFTA committee for attention at the AGM or next appropriate meeting.

It's been made quite clear by BFTA officials that this forum is not a direct line of access to the BFTA. You must contact your regional rep.

Secondly ... rules are really only rules if they can be enforced at the firing line. Not much more to say on that.

So if you are a member of the BFTA and you want the sling rule looking at you need to contact your regional rep and ask them to take this matter up with the BFTA on your behalf.

I take on board your most recent comments re the firing line, in all types of terrain, weather and conditions, not being my bedroom. It was my living room actually. I'm not still in my bedroom at 10.30am in the morning. I've been up since 5.30am.

I've used the sling on courses in all sorts of conditions and like I said, I've not shot anyone yet. It's fairly simple to accommodate the sling with it attached to the rifle and stay safe.

In my honest opinion ...

The safety issue ... Red Herring.

Allowing proper use of a sling will get/keep more people into the sport ... Red Herring.

Proper use of a sling will give better stability and results ( given most people use the fore arm along thigh technique ) ... Red Herring.

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