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Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
Peter, as the rule stands, you have to get up, move around, fiddle with clips and buckles, did I load the gun or didn't I, the gun is stuck to you just a foot away, on a pivot that will swing about if you slip....

Look at mine at the club, do some research if you've not done so already

Try it out for yourself and then come back with your opinion. I would be surprised if you can argue to me that it is safe.
There is a rule in place that only allows the gun to be loaded when pointing at the target .
You could say that a sling attached to a coat is also unsafe . At the Euro's a couple of years back a buckle caused a shooter to release a shot he did not want to , a coat buckle hooked under the firing line whilst a competator placed his gun on the floor . When he stood up it pulled the firing line and a shooter with his foot on the line was yanked over the top of the target , that was just a buckle so what hassle could 2 ft of sling do?
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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