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Default Accesibility

The manufacturers of SP slings do not make one that accommodates FT.

I've spoken to Ryan at Intershoot and he tells me that this question has come up several times in the past with his FT customers.

Is it fair for the rule makers to state that SP slings are allowed, knowing that the unsuspecting shooter might buy one and find he/she can't use it. It doesn't do much for the accessibility of our sport.

Luckily, I only paid 30 for mine on ebay. I've also bought another new for 20. It was rubbish...However, I was looking at a 175 one that appeared to have a release clip on the cuff.

As I have done some testing already it was clear to me that even the expensive Truttman quick release option would still be difficult, dangerous and fiddly to use.

Why can we not have access to the extensive range of excellent SP slings, designed and produced to provide great stability and adjustability with safety as a paramount consideration no doubt.? Why do the rule makers create this difficult position for us?

It is not necessary and it is not reasonable.
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