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Originally Posted by bluespots View Post
Hi Chris,
My steyr has had a new transfer port, 2 breech seals (the second after the first blew out when the breech wasn't fully closed) and the reg adjusted. After adjusting the stabiliser I seem to be using even more air. You mention the closing of the barrel to the breech not being positive enough as a cause for excessive air use.... I am missing the foam spacer in the breech. A shallower replacement has been made and put in place. Would the lack of this part or shallower replacement cause air leakage at this point?
Is the transfer port the same colour as the old one? If it was black and is now silver, it has a smaller hole through it and will use more air.
If the Reg has been adjusted, then the trigger block must have been removed, maybe it hasn't been relocated correctly? Does the cocking lever feel easier to close? If so, there may not be enough interference between the seals and the barrel.
Put a piece of tissue paper where the transfer port seals against the bottom of the bolt and fire the gun. Does the tissue paper get blown about? If so, air is leaking past the seal.
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