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Originally Posted by D. Clark View Post
Thanks Chris I think i'm following that.
So would I be correct in saying that air is stored at 85 bar pressure and the length of time the firing vavle is open is governed by the hammer spring and that the reservoir of air held at 85 bar is not neccessarily emptied each time the triger is pulled.
Yes Dave. Although no Steyr designer i would have thought that all the air would be used. I'm judging that by the work that has gone into the design/shape of the air chamber.

Originally Posted by bluespots View Post
Hi Chris,
My steyr has had a new transfer port, 2 breech seals (the second after the first blew out when the breech wasn't fully closed) and the reg adjusted. After adjusting the stabiliser I seem to be using even more air. You mention the closing of the barrel to the breech not being positive enough as a cause for excessive air use.... I am missing the foam spacer in the breech. A shallower replacement has been made and put in place. Would the lack of this part or shallower replacement cause air leakage at this point?
Hi Helen, the foam spacer is there just to stop a pellet falling into the area around the barrel. The barrel to breech seal is purely the breech o ring and the pressure set when locking the cocking lever closed. It's very odd that adjusting the stab would change anything apart from perceived 'kick' on firing.
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