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Cor, cant we go back to smoking? How about smoking kneeling shots over the chrono?

Slings have been done to death. Some want to see them banned entirely. Some want to see them used as single point as intended. Some don't want single point because it's a field sport and not an 'indoor' sport. I believe the BFTA has seen proposals to ban them in the past few years, it didn't happen. While opinions do change over time i'm not sure we need to keep battering the walls down with the same proposals or proposals going back to another position year after year. Because the next meeting will see a reversal proposal, I can bet good money on that.

Allowing one item to be added and detached from the rifle opens up the issue of other things being attached or detached. I've seen a 4" metal stud protruding from the shoulder before, which the butt was placed onto and bolted to, for standers... good grief.

So if it's on the gun it stays on the gun. If it's on the body, it stays on the body. That keeps things simple. And doesn't tie up really valuable committee time up and down the country and in the BFTA meetings. We're all different, we all won't agree on everything all the time.

Perhaps we should have a thing like parliament where we refer the right honourable to minutes of previous meetings?
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