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What I find most when reading articles and posts regarding HFT is the HUNTER bit seems to be fixed in peoples minds.HFT isn't hunting, it's a target sport as is FT just with different rules.It is the shooting positions, none adjustment of parallax and mag, distances where HFTers have to estimate the range then use hold over/under and overcome eye and target postioning e.t.c that make the difference between that and FT not so much the kit, oh and HFTers have a good sense of humour(only kidding)
If somebody wanted to go hunting with say an EV2 with a high mag scope, sit on a beanbag and rangefind then this would be exceptable so why call it a target rifle ? If the same person wanted to then have a go at HFT with the same rifle (providing it was within the ruling of HFT) then why would this then be called an FT rifle ? If the same rifle was then used in an FT competition the following week would it then be called an HFT rifle because it had been used in an HFT competition ? Does it really matter ?
Like has been said if the person behind the trigger can shoot then the result will be the same no matter what he uses and if not then no amount of expensive kit will change the result.


Thought they would have saved that photo for the Halloween edition by the way Vinny
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