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Default thanks for those kind words

we are working hard on next years venues as we speak .We had 3 clubs inquiring could they come on the roster if not for 2016 please keep them in our thoughts for 2017,which we will do .Its been a fantastic first year and as I say at most of our presentations ,if you come to our shoots we will give back a plenty to you with bigger prizes and more sponsorship ,our shoots will cost the same for entry for 2016 and 2017 and of course all juniors can shoot for FREE ,they are the blood of our sport and HFT Masters will do our best to cut the cost of people wanting to get juniors into the sport we all love .
Thanks for posting these kind words on this thread and yes it looks also that we might be doing something on the right lines for shooters in this country.
thanks from the HFT Masters crew
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