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Default mfta/bfta

Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
Taken from BFTA
Main Shoot Rules 2015

I. Any shooting position is allowed, but some lanes may be designated as ‘standing’ or ‘kneeling’.
II. Lanes designated kneeling may be shot from the standing position (Both targets must be shot using the same position).
III. All shots, from whatever shooting position must be made with the rifle’s muzzle wholly beyond the firing line and the rifle’s trigger wholly behind the firing line.
IV. Fully adjustable Rifle Stocks are permitted to accommodate various shooting styles and positions with no limitation as to design. Additional attachments are not permitted to be added or removed during the course of the event
a. The use of a sling, single or double point, for any shot is to be allowed to steady the aim and for carrying a rifle between lanes.'

I'm testing out some slings and I think I would like to take my testing further. However, I was told today at a WAFTA shoot that the only sling permissible is a double point sling. I was disappointed to hear this as I'm testing some single point slings.

I've just checked the BFTA Main Shoot Rules section and it seems to me that this 'double point' claim is just plain wrong. It seems pretty clear and straight forward; the rule states that a single point sling is allowed.

Am I missing or misunderstanding something?

Does Wafta shoot to BFTA Main Shoot Rules or some other set of rules regarding 'slings'?
mfta rules and bfta rules are not all ways the same...i suspect wafta and bfta may also really depends on what league you are shooting in.
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