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Originally Posted by D. Clark View Post
Forgive me if I'm being stupid. If a regulators job is to deliver a measured amount of air I assume that releasing the trigger delivers this regulated amount of air the barrel via the transfer port so wouldn't a leak between the seal and breech bolt affect the velocity rather than the amount of air used? I'm only querying this as I seem to get though a lot of air.
Hi Dave. You're correct about the reg delivering a measured (85bar) pressure but if there's a leak point at the breech and /or transfer port then the hammer spring pressure will need to be increased to compensate for the the pressure loss and keep the rifle at the 775fps (ish) area. Therefore you would be using more air per shot than normal.

The Steyr reg is more like an open valve and if you screwed a cylinder directly onto the reg the air would just **** out of the outlet. The Steyr reg delivers 85 bar into the area of the block just behind the reg interface where the air is stored until released by the firing valve operating. When the trigger is pulled the hammer strikes the firing valve and that stored air is delivered through the transfer port, breech and into the barrel. If there's a leak then there is a reduction in pressure which drops the power, the hammer spring is wound tighter which in effect keeps the firing valve open for longer when struck. basically the rifle uses air at the pressure of 85bar but more air per shot as the firing valve stays open for longer.

Sorry about the clumsy explanation but i think it's all there
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