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Default look out Simon xxxx is fraudster

Hi!! I am Juan !! I open this link because i dont want to happen to anybody what I have ocurred me!!

In the last days of may, xxxx put an advise in Gunstar about ISP n.10 on sale... he asked for 3400 pounds. As all people know this is an special airgun... I contacted with him because I would like to have it but with lower price... so we were agreed in 2600 pounds without hamster, gemini buttplate, and with sightron scope... Anyway it was a few expensive but I thought it was worthwhile. I said him I can pay in severals times because it was a lot of money... (after two months it was sold ISP air stream mk3 with GC stock and gemini buttplate for less of 2100 pounds)

My payments were the next:
25 may 201 pounds, 27 may 400 €,
2 June 350 € 3 June 180.58 pounds, 9 June 543.52 pounds, 12 June 247.74 pounds
8 july 500,61 pounds
6 august 503,45 pounds

Then in July Simon went on hollidays ... he was in USA but he took the ISP to participate in a competition of Bench Rest... he was in USA until in last days of augost... During whole month of august I wrote several emails, but withou any answer... Well, in september when he came back to UK, he told me that he had been in USA in a competition of bench rest and that the customers of UK had retained his airguns that he had carried on and brought with him (ISP, the jw60 whiscombe that he had bought there... etc.) I wrote him several times asking where is my airgun?... he answered me that it was in customer of UK and that within one week he couldn´t get the airgun... then he told me that if I was to compite in European of Birmighan he was going to show the airgun... I answered him that I couldnt go because in augost I had an accident with the car... anyway he was not there... Again he lied me.... Well I suppose, If in may I did a deposit 400 pounds, the airgun would stay in the same conditions that I bought in that moment and I wonder... if he had done that with me how can i trust in him because he has been all time lieing me so i decided him to returm my money....

I asked for him to return my money the first days of september and he answer me that he was going to return my money in the same conditions that I have paied him. He told me that he was going to start to pay me the first week of octuber (second of octuber) I began the 10th of octuber with 200 €. Since this date I have sent him severals emails to his new email... and without any answer yet as I am used to.

I have spoken with police and Interpol. And I have sent them all the emails that I have... I put him a complaint because it is a fraud!

I dont know if I am going to lose my money but I would not like that any person pass with this situation.

Best regards

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