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Originally Posted by Sundance View Post
' so with that in mind a sling can be a disadvantage as you have less time to judge the wind :-) '

Mr Neill...Sir,

A sling a disadvantage?...

Just don't use it for that shot then...
It's safely tucked away on your arm where you can't trip over it...

In a sane world...
OK - take this a step further. With the current rules it is a bit of a faff to add/remove the sling (less so if it is allowed to unclip as normal). We have 2mins from the point when the eye is applied to the scope. With some target positions the sling may need adjusting, etc. Suppose someone spends a lot of time before putting eye to scope working out the sling positions? The marshal could say "get on with it or I will dock you the points" or we could see a move to apply Worlds rules - 3mins from when you set foot in the lane. Which wouldn't be a bad thing :-)

GPs take quite long enough as it is.
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