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Same - done some .22RFLR and also heavier loads with a single sling attaching and detaching at the handstop. Having to maintain the connection at the handstop and removing from the upper arm is just plain hazardous in a wood with the usual trip hazards never mind having a long dangling strap swinging from the front of the rifle. Having the sling dangling from the arm is quite normal for those who have done prone 25/50m.

In typical FT positions the single point sling doesn't take the weight of the rifle but it does let you push up against the sling which can really improve stability. Changing the angle for inclined targets is easy enough if you have time to slide the handstop along the accessory rail but that could use up a lot of the 2minutes allowed for 2 targets, so with that in mind a sling can be a disadvantage as you have less time to judge the wind :-)
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