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I have sent in an answer to the piece. this is it

" Dear J&R I have been shooting HFT for 4 years now a regularly take part in the UKAHFT series, I have taken over 10.000 HFT pictures in the last 4 years and as such have seen every gun there is. Your email raises three points,

Q. Should we allow high end target rifles into HFT?

A. The most popular rifle in HFT is still the Air Arms S400, yes there are more target rifles appearing, but HFT is about including anyone with a safe sub 12ftlb rifle whether it is a SMK or a Steyr.

Q, Perhaps the rule makers should revisit the hunting concept and only allow hunting guns

A. Please define a hunting gun? My Daystate Mk3 is a target rifle, but it also comes with a 10 shot mag and has dispatched many a bunny. In my opinion, if you are taking an animals life, your rifle of choice should be the most accurate weapon in the world.

Q. Once telescopics sights have been set they should not be moved.

A, I agree, and this is the rule in HFT, Once you have taken your first shot, you must not touch your scope.

You also state that you do not believe that anyone with a out and out target rig would drag it out hunting, Again I disagree. I know many a HFT shooter, one with a walther costing 2000 and one with a Styre of the same value who use these weapons to hunt.

Hope this helps


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