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It's a lovely comment re taking the journey yourself and most of us will sympathise with that.

I went down the sling route after reading countless instructionals in books and online re olympic and smallbore shooting. When reading those articles you realise that, to them, using a sling and setting it right and using it correctly is an integral part of their target shoting. If you suggested to them that they shouldn't use a sling they'd think you were crazy. These guys were hitting tiny targets at 50m away.

So I had 90% of me telling me that when top FT shooters, who have done this longer than me, and do it better than me, are telling me one thing I should listen to them ... but that 10% of me kept looking at those smallbore training manuals and convincing me that a sling had to be an advantage.

Here's what did it for me ...

I'd read so much on this site and others about kneeling and all the controversy about bags etc. So I decided to do some testing myself.

So I went down the woods one day on a very still day. I planned to shoot targets kneeling and try various things and see what advantage, or not, different things gave the position.

I planned to shoot with no bag and no sling. Then with a bag ... but sort of legally with it just under my instep. Then with the bag sort of 'illegally' supporting my thigh and then maybe my buttocks. Then try with a sling. I could see for myself what advantage different options gave.

So I put a paper target out at 25 yards in the woods and the first up was a decent pair of boots but with no bag and no sling.

I concentrated on breathing and trigger control etc. I put 5 pellets in a cloverleaf all inside 15mm. I then put some 1 inch spinners out at 40 yards and couldn't miss the bl**dy things.

That sort of bu55ered up the afternoon's plans. I had presumed that the first option with no bag and no sling would be the most difficult and the groups would be the poorest. I presumed as I added things in the groups would reduce. I simply wasn't going to beat the groups I was getting with no bag and no sling.

Now, I'm definitely not saying this for bragging rights. I probably couldn't do that all the time. However, it proved to me that if I got the position and balance right, and executed the shot properly, I could get perfectly good and acceptable results shooting kneeling without the need to have a sling dangling off the front of the rifle, and be trying to get the sling in the right position on the arm for various angles around the course.

It just seemed a better option and one less thing to be worrying about around the course and whilst taking the shot. So I'd basically quietened that 10% of me that still thought I needed a sling in FT for kneelers.
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