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Default "FT" guns in HFT

In one of the comics this month on the letters page someone has written in and asked if HFT is losing its way due to the amount of EV2s, Steyrs, Walthers, etc that many shooters now use. Normally the question wouldn't interest me at all but this time Airgunner has seen fit to use an image of me using my Steyr to illustrate the point in hand Personally I don't care what anyone uses be it an "FT" gun or otherwise, a gun is a gun is a gun. An S200 in the right hands will show "FT" gun shooters the way time after time as will a springer, Jon Budd and Clive Turner for example. So whats the excuse then for the animosity towards other shooters? Are they better than you? Have more money than you? Bigger ***** than you? I don't get it the end of the day the better shooter will triumph regardless of equipment....Whats the forum members thoughts on this??
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