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Thanks Mr Skiers

I've discovered along my brief FT journey to date that virtually all the questions that present themselves to me have been issues that have arisen to many other shooters before my time. There is a danger that one can give the impression of ignoring sage advice from people who have been there and done it many times before.

Thank you for your advice, I value and take note of it and it makes sense to me.

But, sometimes, it seems to me, I have to take that journey myself...even if, as always happens, I end up arriving at the same place I was told I would arrive at by others way more skilled and experienced...

Taking the journey gives me a better understanding of the issue....

Perhaps there might be a way of making the thing easily and quickly multi adjustable and compliant with the perverse interpretation of the rule. I do find my kneelers more steady with the sling and I think it's worth pursuing...
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