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Default My testing so far

Thanks for the replies.

So clearly a single point sling is legal and can be used. Even in a Wafta shoot I presume, despite what I was told yesterday.

It seems the consensus of the interpretation of the rules, from what I hear so far, is that it must remain attached to the rifle even though that is not how it is intended to be used by the manufacturer. Neither is it the practice of other shooting disciplines I believe.

It seems to me that there is an argument to be made in relation to the wording of the rule. If the rule states a sling can be 'used' then it should be able to be used as it is intended by the clipped and unclipped from the rifle on each shot.

Compliance with the wording of the BFTA rule could, it seems to me, be achieved by having it clipped to the rifle at the start of the completion and at the end of it.

'Use' of the sling during the course of the completion would involve clipping it to and from the rifle.

Would that be a reasonable interpretation of the rule?
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