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Just adding on to Bri's comment about Simon Ayers ...

I've asked about slings a few times. It's an interesting detail that you ask about re a bicep band that will remain attached to your arm and the single point sling just attaches to that as you take the shots. That's basically what I planned to do. You can get single point slings that have basically a wire on the end and a hook or clip that attaches to a band on the bicep.

What put me off carrying on down that route ...

Several of the top FT guys commented that a sling is fine if you are on a range shooting ... say 50m stuff. In that environment the target is always in the same position in relation to the shooter.

In FT the targets are high and low and at various angles. The terrain is also not always flat, like on a range.

So the shooter is always having to adapt a position and tweak the body position slightly. So the shooters commented that a sling would be of little advantage, in these circumstances, as the whole idea of the sling relies on the body position being exactly the same every shot.

I sort of agree that this may be the case if you are using it as you describe with it fixed to a set point on the arm/bicep.

I'm not 100% in agreement as I think a number of angles can be accommodated whilst leaving the sling position, in relation to the front arm, the same.

Simon Ayers commented recently that he doesn't have the sling 'attached' to his front arm. He has the sling in a loop and slides the loop over his front arm, but it's not held in a certain place on his bicep by a typical strap etc.. So he can put that loop in slightly different positions on the arm as he adjusts his position for high/low shots etc.

I was looking to use a sling mainly for kneelers to give stability to the front fore arm. After some practice I found that it does help if you use a 'traditional' kneeling stance with the elbow on, or near, the knee. The sling then takes the weight of the rifle and helps. If you use the more common HFT/FT elbow slid back along the thigh so that the weight is supported by the thigh/forearm/lower leg, the position is far more stable and I found no real help from using the sling ( so far ). I'm actually getting virtually just as stable a hold on kneelers as sitters. That doesn't mean my kneelers are that good ... my sitting still needs plenty of work.

In the sitting position I use the front hand cupping the front knee method. So the front lower leg takes all the weight via the gloved front hand. So, again, I found no advantage using the sling in the sitting position.

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