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Default Clarification

What I'm considering is adapting a sling I have to make life easier.

I have no idea if there might be a single point sling that is manufactured already to be quick release from the bicep.

If anyone knows of one I would be grateful to hear.

My one can be released from the bicep via a buckle system but as the material is non stretch it is fiddly to do. Perhaps with repeated use and practice it will loosen up and get easier.

I'm quite happy to have the sling permanently attached to the rifle for all shots, seated, standing and kneeling. I know some just use it for one position only.

So I'm happy to have it dangling from the rifle. I would just like to put a clip in the end and clip it onto my upper arm instead of fiddling with a double prong buckle that loops around my arm.

I would like the bicep bit permanently attached to my arm, free to clip to the sling as and when required.

Difficult to explain perhaps ...

In these circumstances the sling would be permanently attached to the rifle. I just want to adapt the method of attaching my sling to the upper arm.

Would this be 'legal'?
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