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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
For about 950 new you can't go wrong with a Sightron SIII 10-50, next down on the list is a big Nikko, best bet is to try looking through a few at a club.
Cheers mate that's what I have also been advised by members at Iden Ferns, makes sense I guess but I cannot really afford the Sightron although it does get some rave reviews & the Big Nikko has mixed reviews but no different than any other product I guess.

Most of it comes down to personnel taste, I have looked through a Falcon T50 10-50x60 & the reviews from user's & mag's seem to favour it a little over the Nikko, maybe the cost plays a big part in that as the Falcon is 449.00.

Our 10 year old lad shoots my FTP & gets on really well with the Sidewinder 30 as it has Half Mil Dot & great glass, this will be his if / when I upgrade mine.

As my lad is doing very well with his HFT shooting I may well spend the funds on upgrading his stock instead of cash on my kit.
He could do with an adjustable stock to get that 'fit' he needs & I am sure he would benefit more than I overall.

Choices choices.

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