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Originally Posted by cocksure View Post
Attended Masters at Emley today, after a fantastic raffle and prizes there was a bit of a talk about 'the future'....the whole talk was about what they (organisers) would like to do for shooters and how they can try to make things better, followed by a request for support and a genuine thank you for those that attended. Fekin' A+ for effort, it was my first MASTERS but certainly will not be my last. Left feeling good about HFT and shooting, a great finish .Thanks.

Thank you so much for your kind words , Ian and I only want the best for our shooters and want you guys / girls to have the best fun you can have . We try hard to make sure you have a good day . We have listened this season and learnt so next season can be even better . That's all we want , lots of big smiles and laughter and safe shooting .

Look forward to seeing you next season !

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