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Default HFT Masters Round 5 Emley Moor

HFT Masters results

Round 5 Emley

Great turnout today for this, the final round of the HFT Masters for 2015.
We would like to thank everyone from Emley who made this possible, and to everyone who helped at all of the rounds.

The feedback received today was very encouraging.

A special award was given to Alan Measures, a veteran of HFT Masters for his commitment to the series.

PositionNameScoreTierClass (Open if not stated)
1Ray Hampton591 
2Bill Jones591 
3James McLachlan591 
4Dave Ramshead591 
5Ian Clark581 
6Will Smith581 
7Simon Vant581 
8Chris Cundy581 
9Dominic Taylor571Junior
10Harry Compton571 
11Brian Heaps571 
12Justin Grice571 
13Alex Honeywell571 
14Colin Wilson571 
15Andy Simpson571 
16Andy Wilson571 
17Steve Willingham561 
18Vince Holland561 
19Dave Taylor561 
20Kyle Hampton561Springer
21Mark Thompson561 
22Sam Oultram561 
23Gav Jones561 
24Steve Whiting551Springer
25Dean Corfield551 
26Mark Camoccio551 
27Mick Monaghan551 
28Dave Hunter551 
29Tony Male551 
30Dave Benyon551 
31Mark Wilson551 
32Gert Spoelstra551 
33Darren Lynn551 
34John Fleming551 
35Steven Pearson552 
36Paul Kelly551 
37Greg Morss551 
38Elliott Compton551 
39Tom Willingham541Junior
40Wayne Marriott541 
41Darren Taylor541 
42Andy Jones541 
43Mick Fern541 
44Mike Turner542 
45Paul Taylor542 
46Ian Shepherd542 
47James Hesson531 
48Chris Asquith532 
49Charlotte Edmonson532 
50Rhian Jones531 
51Geoff Watkinson531 
52Graham Cooper531 
53David Carter531 
54Kevin Brookes531 
55Dave Welham531 
56Simon Hilton532 
57Lee Ellis531 
58Nigel Oram531 
59John Oldroyd531 
60Stuart Webb531 
61Gordon Burns531 
62Ash Bailey532 
63Drew Thompson522 
64Nigel Jones521 
65Jennifer Allan521Junior
66Simon Battye522Springer
67Rex Bennett521Springer
68John Lee522 
69Phillip Godwin521 
70Dave Lawrenson521 
71Peter Knight522 
72Ross OBrien522 
73Nick Hopkinson521.22
74Steve Edmonson521 
75Steve Oultram511 
76Leon Peute511 
77Neil Wakelin511Springer
78Ian Roberts511 
79Kevin Turner511 
80Roger Lait511 
81Wayne Pearce511 
82Ian Taylor512 
83Andy Day512 
84David Scott501 
85Trev Ryan501 
86Glen Walsh502 
87Stuart McFarlane502 
88Steven Nixey502 
89Jamie Jackson501 
90Nick Parker501 
91Bob Clay502 
92Keith Gilyard501 
93Steve Watson492 
94Kathy Thompson491 
95Mick Dakin492 
96Karl Guest491 
97John Miller491 
98Davy Thomas492Springer
99Joanne Cogger492 
100Matt Rawlings491 
101Ian Hunter491 
102Paul Lawrence491Springer
103Pete Shearer492 
104Helen Kelly492 
105Darren Percival482 
106Karen McFarlane482 
107Gordon Smith482 
108Rob Bates482 
109Chris Guy481 
110Emily Roberts482 
111Bill Birch482 
112Mitch Birch482Junior
113Wullie Hoggan471 
114Graham Cole471 
115Mick Boswell471 
116Richard Hood472Springer
117Keith Warburton472Springer
118Jake Day471Springer
119Jim Cavanagh471 
120Simon Harrison471.22
121Brian Shepherd462 
122Perry Broad461Springer
123Alex Bird452 
124Kenny Bird452 
125Mirjam Stark451 
126Thomas OBrien452.22
127Piers Honeywell452.22
128Mark Stanley452Springer
129Peter Staddon442 
130Colin Cameron442 
131Ady Mason432 
132Giles Tibbetts432Springer
133Justin Rhone432Springer
134Alan Measures422 
135Nigel Howard422 
136Simon Westall422 
137Ian Beer352 
138Gareth Edwards262 

Apologies for any mis-spelt names.

Cash Prizes

250 - Steve Willingham
150 - Chris Cundy
100 - Glen Walsh

Other Prizes

BSA Scorpion Platinum Donated by Ronnie Sunshines - Mark Camoccio
BSA Scorpion Tactical - Nigel Howard
BSA Goldstar - Martin Armstrong
100 Airgun Centre Voucher - Peter Knight
Sportsmatch Mounts - Rob Bates
Jack Pike Suit - Ian Sheppard
Hawke Scope - Mick Dakin
BSA Gunbag - Stuart Webb
BSA Gunbag - Andy Wilson

Pair of tickets to the 2016 British Formula 1 Grand Prix - Mick Fern
Pair of tickets to the 2016 London Formula E Race - Peter Knight

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