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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Fella ... anyone who has posted on rules type threads over the last million years knows that this is just internet twaddle between bored blokes.

At least FT shooters get to talk about rules without the red ants chewing all the flesh off their bones.

I get the impression there are elements within the sport that want to see the sport drive forwards and become recognised as a very serious, professional target sport. There are others who don't want change ( very few folk do in most things in life ) and just want to turn up and shoot it as they've always done. It's a few hours escapism for most. A time where they go back to a time where they are their own centre of attention and no one is telling them what to do. No boss telling them to hurry up with that job. No wife telling them that they haven't finished that last DIY project. So they don't want some bloke in a bright orange waistcoat telling them their foot isn't in the right position. They want to drink tea, eat cr@p, talk cr@p and probably shoot cr@p, but if they knock down a few chickens ... that'll do, before its time to jump in the car and head back to the real world.

It's very often commented, tongue in cheek, that there are no rules. Basically this interprets as rules can't really be enforced or marshalled. This means that the only people who conform to any new rules are the shooters who probably wanted it changed in the first place and those that will marshall themselves and make sure they stick to the new rules. Everyone else does what they want ... and probably what they've always done. Marshalling, refereeing, umpiring etc is a farce in most sports, especially amateur, as the consistency of just one bloke, let alone consistency over many different blokes, is usually useless.

If you want to see the true character of a bloke ... make him an umpire. All sorts of characters appear from the woodwork. The big hard man in the bar suddenly becomes a spineless jellyfish, and won't say anything even if he sees the most obvious infringement, and the little church mouse is suddenly invading Poland, and is spoiling the day by making issues that aren't really there ... " Your trigger was 1mm over the firing line ... that's a zero and a warning ".

Local 'amateur' cricket has trained and paid umpires. Most of them hopeless. FFS football has professional referees and there is no better example of the 'Power P155ed'' syndrome than there.

So trying to find marshalls that can/will monitor and enforce rules, in a wood, on a Sunday morning, for a FT comp, and do it consistently, marshall to marshall and shooter to shooter is a big ask.

... but these threads give us something else to do rather than counting tumbleweeds.
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