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These are the figures from my 500 un regulated. And this is from shot 30 to 82 .
180 bar fill down to 110 bar using out of the tin AA 4.52

Population size:52

Mean (μ): 784.75
Median: 785 Modes: 783 787
Lowest value: 776
Highest value: 792
Range: 16
Interquartile range: 4
First quartile: 783
Third quartile: 787
Variance (σ2): 10.302884615385
Standard deviation (σ): 3.2098106821719
Quartile deviation: 2
Mean absolute deviation (MAD): 2.5865384615385

If I fill to approx 166, in reality I put 180 bar this puts the rifle on its sweet spot approx. 52 shots, I`ve left it at that as it shoots really well and it only drops fractions after shot 82 .. I don`t know what I`m on about but I like to fiddle If I were to wash, weigh ,sort etc I would expect a decrease in the 3.2 deviation but as it is it`s extremely accurate. These were produced in this programme thanks to Airsporter 1st Regards Gordon.

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