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Originally Posted by avfc1982 View Post
mine was bolted both sides and i still experienced random zero shift. im no expert in this matter but i believe that if the POI is different between your standard FTP and your floated FTP (mine shot significantly higher when released to float) then something is affecting the barrel and that will cause trouble. As for barrel bounce or harmonics when you have bare barrel and original muzzle brake im not finding that at the moment.
Strange, sounds like your barrel was being sprung downwards by the clamp, which sort of suggests that the hole in the receiver isn't perfectly square.

I had no difference in poi between no clamp and sorted clamp, all it did was damp the barrel which is exactly what I wanted.
Regarding missing bolts off my rifle I was also missing two of the four barrel retaining bolts so I reckon they were running out of bits when they made mine up.

Almost laughable for a 1500 rifle....
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