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As with most things springer related, it's not always as easy a choice as it would be for a PCP.

Balance / weight / CoG all play a part in how a springer behaves when it's recoiling so it's not always an easy answer.

Personally I don't like too much weight up top, so I use a Bushnell 8-32 (which is a very popular scope on springers). Depending on your gun/stock etc, a Sightron might throw the balance off because of the weight.

Light weight scopes would be Bushnell 8-32, Burris 8-32, Leup Comp, and a 60x mag March potentially.

If you can shoot ok with a heavy scope fitted - Sightron or Mk2 Nikko would be my choice I think.

Everything has it's pro's and con's though.

The Bushnell is a great scope, but it's weakness is range finding targets between 50 and 55 yards. It does this pretty well, but it's perhaps not as strong in that area as say the Leup Comp / March / Big Nikko.

The Sightron and Nikko are heavy, but otherwise generally a good choice

The Leup comp is great, but fixed mag and in some lighting conditions it's range finding isn't as reliable as say the Bushnell. Fixed mag might be fine for PCP's but the higher the mag on a springer, the harder it is to see your pellet land. Seeing your pellet land can give invaluable clues about what the wind's doing. The field of view on high mag also means you have less visibility of what the wind's doing around the target.

The March is very expensive - I haven't tried one so I can only say that people that use them seem happy with them.
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