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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post

The reason being that if you look at where the U section rail fits onto the front of the receiver it is fixed on one side with a countersink bolt and a single pin.
This rail needs to bolted both sides to hold that rail securely. Before I did this, the clamp used to bear against one side of the reservoir causing poi shift when I filed up.
Now, the clamp sits evenly around the reservoir without touching and I don't have any shift.

I did originally try with no clamp, but found that as I wanted to keep the original muzzle brake, the barrel would 'bounce' giving me odd random fliers.
Once the clamp went back on with the just the O ring gripping the barrel, the fliers stopped, so result.
mine was bolted both sides and i still experienced random zero shift. im no expert in this matter but i believe that if the POI is different between your standard FTP and your floated FTP (mine shot significantly higher when released to float) then something is affecting the barrel and that will cause trouble. As for barrel bounce or harmonics when you have bare barrel and original muzzle brake im not finding that at the moment.
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