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Originally Posted by vinny View Post
Probably done this to death but
wash bake and lube
aftr I have soaked in white spirit overnight , rinsed carefully in bio washing up liquid and then put in the oven at about 100 C ! once gently rolled over a white porcelain plate shows more signs of swarf than at amy other point of inspection ,

so..... tried heating up straight from the tin to start with , gently rolled around in a plastic colander after cooling a bit , produced more swarf straight off ,
so imho, heat roll, rinse in spirit , then washing up liquid , DONT introduce any kind of dust or particle from either your favourite paper towel or teacloth FOR OBVIOUS REASONS then lube if you like ( I do, my ft heros recommended fp10 and I like , thanks lads, halves my groups )
Or die 34 jsb straight from the tin
Got some air arms look very similar to the 34s deep skirts straight from the tin go well....used to lube pellets,
Seemed to get a lot of pellets drop low below the kill when lubed
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