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Originally Posted by Loomax View Post
Do you think, in general AA is superior to JSB. I asked because one of my guns group slightly better with AA than JSB exact.

Generally I find that guns/barrels like one type and even may prefer one batch. Playing with a few barrels on the steyr, it seems at the target and over the chrono, some barrels prefer the exact, or the field, or the express and others the opposite. But it's very early days yet and i want to do a lot more testing before i draw any generalisations, but it appears that way over a quick bit of testing. Gun is the same, we're just swapping barrels and pellets. So i'd say it's down to that. But who really knows.

One barrel we had off a very old gun just puts silly tight groups in at 50yds with exacts and fields... yet if you put express in it, it's no where near as good, even with my best grouping express i have. And the opposite is true in one of my other barrels. We think the BSA seems to prefer exacts as well.

One pellet that seems to go well in everything I've tried is the exact select, which is an 8.4 gn pellet shaped like the express, short. But the catch is that it drops lower than anything else. Strangely in a lot of barrels, exacts and express group at the same point if the speed isn't adjusted up for the express.

I do concur that there is some variation in the shapes offered. I spoke to JSB some years back in Hungary and they said they ran something like a dozen dies of express, which accounted for why some were the same as mosquitos and some weren't. I don't know why that is, if there's a natural progression in the change of design or what.

I think the old adage of test a range of pellets and buy a lot of whatever works still stands. But i'll let you know if i find out the mysterious quality which can pick a performing pellet out on sight alone. In the mean time i'll have a giggle fiddling around with barrels and all sorts. The evenings are dark and long in the winter.
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