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Originally Posted by johnnyboy View Post
I just love these discussions....What's next??
The off-side rule in football...?

Seriously though, this ruling has more to do with people using hand-held electronic windicators and puffer bottles than actual smoking. Someone has just latched onto the possibilities of using smoke that's all.

My take on it is that anyone who has been shooting for any length of time knows exactly what the wind is doing down-range as that is where the shot is going to be won or lost, not at the firing point.
Anyone who disagrees with this hasn't a clue about wind and it's effect on ballistics.
I remember shooting round at Newbury with an American gent who felt the need to tote around a range box complete with built-in lap top and tethered hand held windicator. Before every shot he'd hold this windicator up, punch in a few numbers, read off the result, spin his windage dial and promptly miss.
After he had missed every single of his targets over 45yds I asked him why he felt the need to use a lap-top when he had a far superior computer between his ears, he just mumbled something about it being the best program on the market and that it just needed callibration so I left him to it.
Halfway round the course the battery in the laptop gave up the ghost and it was like he'd lost a puppy, but thankfully he actually started to think about his shooting.

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