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I'm not sure there is a perfect one... and they do all take some adjustment and setting up. The closer you get it fitting to exactly right for one position will mean you will have to move it for another, otherwise your natural point of aim is off. What you can do is use a butt that is more accommodating of the positions, jack of all, master of none so to speak. Some don't even use hooks so they have more to play with without adjusting. The more accommodating it is, the less specific it is.

I've got them all, MEC III with hook, MEC freeposition, Anschutz armadllo, Anchutz 4765, G&E Return, System Gemini... they all have their pros, they all have their cons. I'm starting to lean against the narrower butts because they go into my shoulder better. The G&E Return I have is more like a thin armadillo... I like it. The downside is the cost!

But firstly you need to make sure they fit. The hook isn't there as a rest, it's to locate precisely, so you want it to go under your arm in the crease, not 2" below and it shouldn't press against your ribs so that breathing affects it, or your arm so the artery induces pulse. Same with the ears, they are supposed to contour your shoulder, not have gaps or sit in thin air.

Worth getting into position, and getting a few photos of you in that position to see what actually is going on. Chances are you may not have it fitting right. But bear in mind, what can or does fit you may not fit someone else, because they may be a different shape and size.

Also a well fitting jacket that doesn't ruffle up or puff out, will make better contact with the shoulder, and wont move a lot either, allowing you to fit the plate better, and more consistently. This is one of the overlooked benefits of a shooting jacket. Assuming my shape doesn't change much, and i wear the same things, that shoulder location is consistent on my rifle.

plenty to choose from
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