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It's my closest venue. I loved it there. It is perfect to go during the week and set up a target in the dense woods and not worry too much about wind.

I also have an old cricket mate there in Steve C and the other lads are great lads.

I haven't been for a long time as I moved to FT and then had the problem with my fitness.

In the Winters I helped Steve set out a few courses. I really enjoyed doing that.

It's been great seeing others from other clubs/areas visit and support the club.

I should really pay my membership again and try and pop in and see the lads, shoot the odd HFT course, and then I could go up mid week and practice whatever or just plink with a flask of coffee.

It was a regular Sunday morning. Go up to Kingsley and shoot some HFT and then call in at the garage at the end of the lane, fill up with fuel and buy a bottle of wine for me and the wife to have with Sunday roast, which she'd have ready for when I got in. The Indian lady that runs the shop is lovely and has some decent deals on wine.
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