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As a non-smoker I don't mind people lighting up or vaping outside as long as they're considerate... including making sure they're properly out and tidy disposal of butts not including flicking them into the undergrowth.

As a shooter I'll use whatever clues to the wind I can see. If there's a cloud of smoke or vapour (or dust, willhowherb seeds, snowflakes, whatever) drifting across the course I'm not going to ignore it. It won't tell me what's going on at the point I break the trigger but can in some cases give a good idea of general trends. But the point is everyone in the vicinity can see it too. I'd be ok with banning smoking/vaping/puffing at the firing point but I don't see the need for doing it on the whole course unless there's something like a fire risk or the grounds have specific rules in place.

Is there really a problem here though?
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