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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Rob I have measured a lot of BSA production rifle barrel twist rates over the years and only ever seen them in the 18.5-19" range, makes me wonder whether yours is actually a bsa barrel?

I am dubious about the claimed origin when barrel blanks are unmarked, I recently fitted one which was bought as an HW100 .22 barrel blank, but it had the wrong number of lands!

I get the CZ barrels at 19" twist too, I have only measured those factory fitted to the S200.

Some I can add are the Barley twist LG100 barrel I had which measured at 15.5" twist rate

Anschutz 8002 S2 barrel which has a 19" twist rate too. Lots of rubbish around the net about these not being suitable for 12 ft/lb due to the twist rate being designed for 10m when actually they similar to many .177 barrels and work very well in a UK converted rifle.
it was a pukka one mr tench
one of a pair from knibbs about a year ago

oddly the two barrels have different rifling patterns one has v shaped grooves , the other more wedge shaped

this bsa ........1in 16,
cz s200 ........1 in 16
super top secret diana barrel ( if i told you , i'd have to kill you )......1 in 14
std steyr.......1 in 12

proper quick measurements , ...i think jon harris posted his twist rate findings somewhere....

good pic off my phone hey ?

I'd better double check these findings , they're miles out from mr tench's ...........

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