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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
Rob I have measured a lot of BSA production rifle barrel twist rates over the years and only ever seen them in the 18.5-19" range, makes me wonder whether yours is actually a bsa barrel?

I am dubious about the claimed origin when barrel blanks are unmarked, I recently fitted one which was bought as an HW100 .22 barrel blank, but it had the wrong number of lands!

I get the CZ barrels at 19" twist too, I have only measured those factory fitted to the S200.

Some I can add are the Barley twist LG100 barrel I had which measured at 15.5" twist rate

Anschutz 8002 S2 barrel which has a 19" twist rate too. Lots of rubbish around the net about these not being suitable for 12 ft/lb due to the twist rate being designed for 10m when actually they similar to many .177 barrels and work very well in a UK converted rifle.
I didn't purchase it, but the chap who did bought it from the shop who said it was. The shape of the rifling is very similar to the BSA video and another BSA barrel we had on loan.

We can double check the measurement, but i'd expect to it only being a slower rate if the plug slipped. We're measuring it with a mark on the barrel and a mark on the rod with a tight VFG... once it rotates once we measure the distance the rod has moved.
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