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CSFTA proposed it. It came through from more than one person at the same time so was passed to the BFTA as a proposal.

WFTF have banned smoking. For 2 reasons, one it doesn't project the image of a professional sport in the majority view of the WFTF, secondly shooters were using it for wind reading. There was more than one shooter using cigars. The latter was raised as a point after it banned talc because a series of shooters from one country was witnessed using them (1st hand) while a fellow shooter shot the final shots for a top position in their class, and because another shooter complained when a load fell onto a rifle.

The WFTF are currently debating smoking areas on the course, which is what they had in Lithuania. It seemed to work well apart from the break that waiting for some in the squad to have one may have caused.

As an ex smoker whilst i completely understand the opinion, it is unpleasant for those around, something that a smoker wont realise due to the chemical addiction and dulling of the senses, something which was stated by one person that raised it. I also know just how useful it is for wind reading.

Out of the AA's that competed in the year's GP series, I can't think of one that smokes. I wonder why that is? In performance terms it's actually not the cleverest idea, the increase in carbon monoxide decreases your blood's ability to carry oxygen, affects balance and vision

It's a proposal. Talk to your rep, get them to vote.

In my opinion, use what nature gives you and the course, meaning strings. Put something dangly on you gun. Leave it at that. You don't need a caddy with 1/2 a tonne of aerials with flags on, or telescopic lecture pointers on the end of the muzzle, and talc is for the bathroom, in the same way my smoke and flares are for use on my boat. But that is a thought, any objections to me popping smoke on the silhouettes? The orange is rather pretty, and they are getting near their expiry date.
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