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Originally Posted by countorik View Post
As youve probably guessed I'm a smoker, if I want a f a g when I'm out and about, I'll have one.
As it stands, if I want a smoke when on the firing line, I can have one, with regards to the above post, why not have a non smoking line 20 feet behind the firing line, then if it bothers you, you can stand over there.
I'm not sure you've thought that through.

If you are smoking and the rule is no smoking within 20 feet of firing line then I can take my shot at the firing line and you are 20 feet away. If the non smoking line is 20 feet away then if I'm taking my shot at the firing line you can still stand right next to me and smoke. I could try having a 20 feet long barrel so I can take the shot from behind the 20 feet non smoking line ... where can I buy one of those?

PS ... you can't say F A G without gaps. Something to do with bottoms.

"if I want a f a g when I'm out and about, I'll have one"

Maybe just a hint of selfish? You are totally entitled to have one. It's just a bit selfish when someone is forced to be within a few feet of you ( in between a gate to take shots, handing over cards etc for scoring, chatting ) and you smoke right next to them. As long as you are enjoying yourself though eh!

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