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One thing a lot of people don't consider when vappeing is that what is going into their system is nicotine, it has been proven as we know to be highly addictive (no duh) but it is not yet certain how harmful to the human body nicotine is when ingested, even without the harmful carcinogens and tar usually found in traditional cigarettes. One last point i ask Vapers to consider for the people around them while you vape, is that when you inhale your chosen solution (nicotine based) your body does not have a 100% absorption rate! Therefore when u exhale in the presence of non smokers you are actually shareing a lovely unavoidable ( especially indoors) cocktail cloud of artificial chemicals, human saliva and yes u got it....excess nicotine! so next time u Vape around other people, take a moment to consider what ur sharing with them. Wether that be your fellow shooters, members of the public or indeed your own family and children.

Food for thought
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