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Quite a few dismissing this as almost a silly idea. How many of those will be smokers?

I've watched several members of my family rot and die through smoking so I'm not a big fan.

Regarding windicating ...

F a g smoke or Vapour does give an obvious indication of what the wind is doing at the firing line. Ok ... that doesn't mean it's telling you what the wind is doing 35 yards down range, but that's no different than bits of wool, feathers, puffs of talc, throwing up grass or leaves. So if there is to be a ban on some forms of shooting position wind estimation then that must include smoking/vaping surely?

From a health or just enjoyment point of view ...

When you turn up as a non smoker to do a morning's shooting you are often partnered with one or two folk that you then have to spend the next 3 hours or so with. During those 3 hours you are within the very near vacinity of those folk for that entire time.

That's a very long time to have to be breathing in ( if only now and then ) someone's smoke or vapour.

I was in the woods this weekend and someone walked through the woods vaping. It was like a steam train coming through the woods. I've never seen such a cloud. I've been in 70's discos and the smoke machine didn't cough up that much cr@p. I don't know what's in that sh1te ... but I don't want it in me.

If I wasn't shooting but decided to take the dogs for a healthy walk through the countryside, you often come across other walkers and you will stop and have a chat about life. All part of the walk. If I stop and talk to someone who is standing a few feet away from me, and they light up a f a g or start vaping ... I'm off. I don't want to stand there for 10 mins breathing in their smoke. I'm walking in the countryside to get some fresh air. So why should I have to put up with it for 3 hours whilst I'm trying to enjoy shooting some tin chickens?

Maybe put smokers together? Maybe have no smoking within 20 feet of the fring line, so smokers needing a f a g part way around the course have to walk away from the firing line several yards, so non smokers can avoid the smoke?

If people enjoy a smoke/vape whilst shooting I don't want to deny them. If you make it so they have to walk several yards from the firing line to smoke/vape then non smokers can stay at the firing line and not have to have someone a few feet away blowing smoke all over them. So you still get plenty of time when they aren't smoking/vaping having a chat and a laugh together but the non smoker doesn't feel uncomfortable.

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