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I have not had the privilege of attending a worlds event.
All we as competitors can ask for is that 'rules' whether we like them, think they are idiotic, or whatever, should be applied consistently.
The rules currently allow for the pulling of the string, but it was also banned not that long ago. (not sure about exact timing of that change).
As I understand it, the changes were in at initiated after the use of powders that were puffed into the air and this got onto the action of other competitors rifles. (Hearsay)
Why that would be more of a problem has sucking up another shooters smoke fumes is uncertain. I guess it becomes a slippery slope with exactly what can then be allowed and what not.
If a smoker is allowed to smoke and use the vapour trail to assist with reading the wind, why can the non smokers not toss grass/dust etc ??
Imagine having to stop the Worlds for a 'smoke break'?

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