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LOL Simon ... I've just deleted my last post as it seemed too obvious to look at the Trig involved and say that a 0.8mm offset ( half of 12.6mm [actual BSA Dovetail width] minus 11mm common size ) suggests crossover is no problem ... just as you suggest.


You did the hard work fella getting out of C. Keep working on the areas that cost you points and your scores will soon start going up again.

Fear no target ... but respect every one.

I'm new to FT but in other forms of tin chicken shooting, and all sports to be honest, it usually gets harder to make smaller gains as you move up through the levels.

Just keep enjoying it matey and putting the work in and you'll keep improving.

I'm sorry about the boring topic ...

I've been sitting outside this Sherriff's office and all I've seen go through town for days is tumbleweeds. So I had to get some conversation going.

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