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Yeah ... I know you are a BSA man so I wondered if you'd had any probs with the oversize rail on the newer BSA rifles ( apparently the really old rifles had smaller rails [dovetails] ).

I edited the first post as it was a bit of a life story. In the original first post I'd said that I could get an 11mm to Weaver ( 20mm ) low riser rail that extended at the front and would suit my purpose. It would then mean me getting Weaver style high 30mm mounts for the Custom Shop scope. I was stuck with the same problem there because those risers were 11m and not 13mm.

Most mounts will state 3/8 through 11mm to 13mm. They will all phsyically go on.

I've shot this S10 on occasion ( early days ) in HFT. Those were the early days where you just had 25mm and 40mm kills. I'd still miss the odd stander or mis judge range or wind. So I wasn't clearing courses but I had a number of 58's with it. I just found it a little tedious shooting a PCP prone on the floor at 25mm ( it was max 35 yards then ) and 40mm at 45 yards. That's why I then turned to the dark side and shot springers. Courses, as you know, are much tougher now.

I mention that because in those days I just used normal 11mm airgun mounts and zeroed at 35 yards. I never had a problem with crossover. Or, if I did, I never noticed it as it didn't make enough difference to be missing 40mm at 45 yards etc. I also used 10.6gr pellets that really did need some wind to shift them up to those distances.

Let the other lad have the 11mm to 11mm riser please. I'm only messing with the S10 for a short while whilst I sort the springers, so it's nowt too serious. It will only be at a few local club day courses. I'll put an 18x 1 inch scope on using 11mm mounts and have a play on the range ( I could go to Atherton indoors ) and see if the 11mm on 13mm rail gives any crossover over various ranges. I could then get a set of 13mm BSA specific mounts and see if that cures it.

Cheers mate.

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