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Cheers Rob

I got stuck in a bit of a woods n trees corner yesterday. My brain's working a bit better today.


The only reason I didn't rip your arm off yesterday was I was trying to get an answer on the 11mm rail on a BSA 13mm rail question. I was hoping someone on here may have been able to comment.

I know the S10 rail is 13mm and not normal air rifle 11mm. I know they sell special 13mm mounts for the BSA rails so the rings line up with the barrel properly.

All I can think of if I put 11mm on a 13mm rail is the rings won't be perfectly in line with the barrel by a fraction, and that may lead to some cross over issues at extreme ranges either side of my zero. I've never been a massive believer in cross over being a major issue on air rifles. Just get the cant sorted and don't worry about it but I'm not sure whether it may leave my poi's either side of vertical at certain ranges ( 8 - 55y ).

Anyway ... If Tommy wants it and will have a definite use for it then I'd sooner him be using it rather than it end up another item sitting in my box of bits. So let him have it please but thank you for trying to help me out.


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