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Originally Posted by herx77 View Post
Does a windicator really give that much information?
When doing FT in the 80's it was a novel invention at Markyate and a bit of bling on the gun.Not sure that you couldn't feel wind at muzzle without one! something we do now in HFT,helped with a handful of leaves elevated a bit,cigarette smoke and leave movement, branches ;everything you use for windage at distance, and a mainstay of HFT.
HERX77 .
Recent changes to WFTF rules makes using aids like, smoke, grass, dust, powder etc illegal.
We can obviously use the windicator (non electronic), reset string (this was also disallowed but has been brought back when some sanity prevailed) and obviously things that are supplied by mother nature (leaves falling, branches and grass being blown etc).

Personally I always use my windicator (but also try keep a watch on all the goings on enroute to the target too.

Check out this link to a thread on using windicators from
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