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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
No, the cheek piece is fully adjustable, as is the hamster.
As already said, unless you have the stock made to your measurements, it's always more of a compromise than the grip set. And IMO, for that reason, a grip set will be more resaleable.
I tried a full stock but found the gun to be too front heavy and the length of pull too long.
The cheek piece on the stock is adjustable to a certain degree and so is the hamster for height you just can't move backwards and forwards but I think the size of the hamster on the stock solves that problem, IMO.

It's a very good point about the arm on the but adjusting side to side, I completely forgot about that, I have to have it over to its furthest point to one side to get my eye perfectly on the scope. So as you say unless it's designed to my measurements will make a massive difference and might of just swayed me to the grip set.

Gonna try and play with someone's custom stock at the next SEFTA W/L shoot and make my mind up then I think 👍
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