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Yeah the worst of the holdover is at very close range. My 55 yard aim point tied in with about my 12 yard aim point on the 77s if I remember correctly. At 8 yards I was aiming about 5 feet over the poi. You really don't have to worry about it ... you don't get much close stuff ... it's usually telescope territory. I flick stones at the ones closer than 12 yards.

I've read the BFTA instructions on setting up a scope and Optically Centering etc. They suggest you set up at 10 yards as it is about the same as 55 yards.

As I've said above a couple of times I'm not sure I need worry about the shims or sloping rail if I'm just zeroing at 35 yards and using the dots to aim. I'm not sure ... so that's why I'm asking.

I can't find 11mm to 11mm rails? Where did you get that? How long is the one you have please ... and thankyou for the very kind offer.

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