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Default Kit ?

A 35 mag MK 4 was 1200 from nick . the 20+50 from nick when it first came in was 750 i think . my one was from the first batch . wayne twelthtrees bought it and i got it off clarky who bought it off him . i remember sitting down for a target at curridge park . and i could not tell if it was 45 or 55 yards with the MK4 had to go . bought a new BIG BSA .. then i swapped the BSA and the MK4 for the 20+50 . the S&B is only as good as the bloke behind it . simple as that . BUT if i was just starting up in FT . yes i would have one . for me the 35 mag comp X is good . why , cos i am a fiddler . give me a chance and i will fiddle with every last thing on the rifle .every thing on my rifle is locked down or up . so i CANNOT move it . works for me ??? HOLLY
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